Dear Teachers,

I hope you have reason to revisit the wiki in the coming weeks/year. A treasure trove of resources here for you.

And we could keep adding to them. What do you think? There was so many I didn't get to share with you. I would like to continue to post occasionally. Let me know if you would be interested.

It was hard to say goodbye this afternoon. Goodbyes are not something I'm very good at in any situation. Thank you for treating me to lunch. All of the profs "compared notes" on our lunches a little while ago. Fun!! You are a generous student/teacher body here in Mallorca.

I hope the foundations of education as a discipline is a little bit clearer than it was before we started and I'll look for your posts on the globalization article and yours and others' projects.

Have a good next session with Stuart and Dr. Woo.

And know that it was a privilege and a pleasure to meet and work with you for this short time in Mallorca. If you ever find yourself in Central New York, do give a call (315-446-3385)

Stay in touch, do! I will.

Love, Karen