Hi everyone,

Our presentation will discuss gender bias in education. We will place a special focus on the historical, philosophical and sociological perspectives of gender bias in Latin American culture and education.
We will try to identify specific teacher practices that perpetuate stereotypical gender roles and discrimination, as we reflect on the negative effect this common practice has on students and their future.
As educators we exert a powerful influence on our students. Raising awareness of this can be the key to breaking the pattern of gender discrimination, and bring lasting change for kids not only in Latin America but also the rest of the world.

Here's our spicynodes so far:
Love your spicynode! And look forward to your presentation. Karen


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Drew and Paola


This project helped me to reflect about the implications of gender bias in Latin American education, from a more critical perspective. I also was able to identify how oppressive this educational system can be when it comes to women. Our final analysis focused not only on a philosophical approach, but in teaching practices as well, and how these practices negatively impact girls in schools. My goal is to work on getting rid of gender stereotypes, and as a teacher, promote awareness and facilitate critical discussions as to why that bias exists. I realized that many teachers discriminate based on gender no so much because they want to, but because they are merely extending a common cultural practice. If we do not eliminate gender bias in our schools, there will be little hope of eliminating it in the larger society. Finally, I was very pleased with the classroom participation today during our presentation, as many classmates seemed engaged with the discussion that took place. This project certainly allowed me to truly reflect on my own teaching practices, and realize that as educators we have a great social responsibility.