Project Guide:

I encourage you to plan an interactive presentation. Encourage your peers’ involvement throughout what should be a discussion. Use media appropriate to your topic/findings. Because we may have as many as a dozen presentations, keep it short without compromising your significant work on the investigation. Use this outline as a GUIDE only. It is not necessary to follow it slavishly. You can integrate any methods of presentation you would like to use.

1. Begin with genesis and context of the project (influences on your choice of this topic.
Use readings here where possible)

2. Make connections to foundations of education. How does a beginning understanding of the foundations of education inform your investigation? What questions might you be pursuing differently as a result of your work in this course?

3. Then add the question or questions you are attempting to investigate

4. Who/what are the chief contributors (your sources) to your investigation?

5. Share your findings--succinctly--and in your own words. Answer the question, “what did I/we discover?”

6. Evaluate your findings--what’s new here for you? Why is it important for your work with children/adolescents? How will you apply your results of your investigation?

7. What further questions would you take up after this initial study? In other words, what roads does this study send you down?

8. Invite dialogue with classmates throughout.