Here is a link for multicultural children's literature:

Here is the link to Rethinking Schools Journal:

Here is the link to Teaching Tolerance Journal:


This is the website for the "Don't Say It's So Gay" ad campaign. The latest ad, which is currently on the home page, is particularly good because it features athletics and has professional athletes delivering the message:

I came across this website about the Sudbury Valley School a few months ago and our talk today about unschooling made me think of it. Would this school be considered to follow the philosophy of unschooling?
Hey Myriem--thanks for sharing this link. I can totally appreciate that the idea of unschooling appears to be an extreme approach, but the premise that I can subscribe to is that it is build from a starting point of trust. This is taken from that website:
'Trust and respect are the keys to the school’s success. Students enjoy total intellectual freedom, and unfettered interaction with other students and adults. Through being responsible for themselves and for the school’s operation, they gain the internal resources needed to lead effective lives.'
I wanted to share this link to a social studies curriculum called Storypath. It was created by a woman called Margit McGiuire, and to me it's a great example of constructivist education.
Taylor Mali--

Ken Robinson - Changing Paradigms

Ken Robinson - Changing Paradigms animated (from class)

Ken Robinson - School kills creativity

Comedian Louie CK's take on white privilege (Warning! This has offensive language and imagery in it!!):

Found this PDF online, thought it might be interesting for an international perspective on Curriculum development; International Handbook for Curriculum Research.
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