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My final project will be on the motivational theory in hopes to give some in site on different methods to keep students engaged and excited about leaning.

My final reflection:

I found my subject to be interesting when researching the history, studies, and teaching methods about motivating students. I found that looking into intrinsic and extrinsic learning, identifying what motivates me and how it effects my class was very beneficial. Finding from several studies it is proven that extrinsic motivation can actually hinder the learners creativity, narrow ones focus and dulls thinking. Knowing this information will help me in the future when encouraging my students to make choices, engaging their emotions, and help them identify their natural curiosity.

If I could continue my study on motivation in the classroom, I would like to look into how I could put everything I learned in an applied lesson form. I did focus on what would help a teacher motivate their students such as making learning interesting by emphasizing activity, investigation, adventure, and social interaction. Now my next step I would like to put those "words" into action, see what types of activities I would be able to come up with to keep the children engaged and motivated in what they are learning. I would try to do this both with PE activities and in class activities.

My personal criticism on my presentation is that I would have been more specific on my topic as motivation itself was very broad. I feel that I could have done a better job if I did focus on one area of motivation such as intrinsic and extrinsic methods. I felt that I would have been able to deliver the information better and in a motivational way. I was trying to hit too many areas of motivation (all the philosophies) which I felt were not very "exciting" to listen to. As you said, it was a "rough draft" and I am going to think of it as that. I learned a lot from this presentation, I will take the good out of it and change what I felt were not my strong points.

Final Prezi:

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Project Research:

Motivation and Learning:
Fritz Heider's Attribution of Social Psychology:
Self Determination Theory:
Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation:
Motivating Learning in Young Children:
Motivating Students:

Science of Motivation:
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