One of the 5 dimensions that makes up multicultural education according to Banks is exceptionality (p.4). Anyone know what he means by that? Myriem

Where is that reference in the article Myriem? Exceptionality refers to difference in some capacity that a child may present. Check out this site: a

The reference to exceptionality, in the five dimensions of implementing multicultural education, as made by the author (p. 4. left column 2/3 down) I believe refers to 'rarety' as compared to the ethnic or cultural statistical norm. Or, as Karen says above....way of 'difference'.

Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed this article and especially enjoyed our discussion on Content Integration today. It gave me a lot to think about, particularly in terms of how multicultural integration would work in subjects such as math and biology. Our discussion on prejudice reduction was also very interesting, especially the points about how much young children really can understand/take-in/produce. -Lori