Hi Everyone,

Sabrina and I are focusing on using Cultural Exchange trips and outdoor education trips as a way of applying the Social Reconstructionist framework to education. We are going to try and relate Freire's philosophy to the rationale of taking students abroad and outside of the traditional 'safe' framework of the classroom.

We will be looking at a few examples of these types of programs and we are interested to hear from you about any examples or insight you have from your experiences at your schools.

Look forward to hearing your input.


Are you finding the resources you need Tom and Sabrina? Have you created a spicynode?

This is an interesting piece....

Tom and Sabrina,
Each May or June our classes from grades 4 through 8 go to different regions of France for a week. We call them our May Study Trips. An average class consists of 45-50 students chaperoned by 4-5 teachers usually from the grade and specials. They go to regions such as Burgundy, Jura, Brittany, and Lot to study the local culture and supplement learning. It is a definite out of the classroom experience that augments their curricula in environmental or historical topics such as sustainable fisheries, middle ages society and pilgrimages, agriculture, etc. Let me know if you'd like information or some sample pictures from our last trip to an oyster farm.





-Sabrina and Tom

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